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Event Ticketing 10% Commission Monthly (after redeemed)
Event Deposit 10% Commission Monthly (after redeemed)
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Includes listing on ShopAhead.com.au and permission for Gift Voucher button to appear on affiliated third party websites.
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ShopAhead introduces you to online purchasing for your customers, which has been long sort after in the retail and hospitality industries. Until now, businesses have manually generated the provision of gift vouchers and tickets to special events, along with using old-fashioned emailing or faxing of credit card information.

For most, the manual transactions are time consuming and include an arduous paper trail to confirm the purchases. ShopAhead offers you a better way . an online purchase facility of Gift Vouchers, Event Ticketing and Event Deposits direct from your own personal business website. The ShopAhead vouchers, tickets and event confirmation are customised to your venue and you can monitor performance, confirm large group functions and create ticket sales for special events, all from your personal dashboard.

ShopAhead has created a convenience for everyone involved . you, the business owner, and your customers. With ShopAhead you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your website is working to increase usability for the customer while improving productivity and profitability for your business.

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