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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Shopahead do?

ShopAhead provides online Gift Vouchers, Event Tickets and Event Deposits, through a secure credit card facility for hospitality and retail industries, which can be purchased directly via the business website.

Do I need to set up a merchant account for Shopahead?

ShopAhead has set up a secure credit card facility and requires no bank affiliation, set up or extra fees.

What credit cards does ShopAhead accept?

Currently, ShopAhead accept payments from Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Why your credit card is safe with Shopahead?

All transactions through ShopAhead are conducted on a state of the art, secure service using 2048bit SSL certificates to certify and secure all transactions and receipt of information.

How quick can I get Shopahead for my business?

Once your business is registered, you will receive all the information to upload your Gift Voucher Buyer Button and a training manual to assist with the set up of Event Ticketing and Event Deposit. Once complete, you are ready to provide Gift Vouchers, Event Tickets and Event Deposits to your Customers.

Can I have my business logo on the Shopahead Gift Vouchers?

Yes, one of the significant qualities of ShopAhead is that your customer will see your branding from the facility you provide.

How long are Gift Vouchers valid for?

The ShopAhead Gift Voucher is valid for 6 months, and the vendor sets the term specified on the certificate. The expiry date can also be found on the email you receive once you have made a purchase.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

All gift certificates are sent from our system, immediately after payment has been successful, to the email address that has been submitted during the purchase process. This means it should generally be received in your inbox within seconds of your purchase. If you have not received your Gift Voucher, Event Ticket or Event Deposit remittance, please check your spam filters and folders as it may be hiding from you there. If you still have not received it after a substantial period of time (2-3 hours+) please contact our support staff who can re-issue the voucher for you.

Do I contact the vendor and make a reservation if I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Yes, this is not a confirmed reservation. Each and every Gift Voucher that is generated from the ShopAhead system has the vendors address and contact details printed on it. It is a condition of use that you make a reservation with the vendor and inform them you will be using a gift voucher.

Do I contact the vendor and make a reservation if I purchase a Event Ticket?

If you have purchased a ticket to a special event, the Vendor will be notified of your purchase. If you have any specific requirements, you will need to contact the vendor to discuss your requirements.

Is my Event or Booking confirmed if I make an Event Deposit?

Yes, an Event Deposit will lock in your bookings and confirm your event with the vendor. The vendor will forward further instructions upon your confirmation of the deposit or you can contact the business owner to notify them of your Event Deposit Payment.

ShopAhead vouchers are sent as a PDF, how do I view them?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is able to view PDF files and is available from

Who is ShopAhead?

Please view our About Us page to find out more about the ShopAhead team.

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