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Have your customers secure their function, event or even a large group booking with Event Depositing.

During the busiest times of the year function bookings naturally increase, but none are secure until a deposit is paid. Businesses often spend precious time chasing the client to secure the booking. There is nothing worse than finding that the Saturday night booking for 24 people is a no show, all you had was a verbal agreement with a phone number, and it is too late to find a new booking to fill the empty space. Ouch! This has been a perpetual problem in the hospitality industry and there are many rules in place to ascertain if an event booking is legitimate.

ShopAhead now provides you and your team a facility to secure events and bookings for the client, direct from your website. You can avoid the .ouch!. moment by directing your customers to your website. With the simple click of a button, they (or you) can enter their details, select the amount required to secure the event through a safe, secure credit card facility, print out the Event Deposit form (which includes the business logo and venue details) and now, you can safely add this as confirmed on your events calendar.

ShopAhead also provides you with the Dashboard to view all event deposits as they process and also provide you with an up to the minute report. If your customer has lost or damaged the deposit form, or misplaced the code, your vendor login access can provide you with all the information you require to proceed with Event.

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